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Of users search for product info using a mobile device


Of users use their mobile device to buy goods


increase, shopping by mobile device in the UK last year

We’ve got nearly 30 Billion reasons why you should join us

If you’re a takeaway or restaurant owner, you probably already have a website, so you might be questioning the need to invest in a mobile app. Surely your customers can just access the website through their smartphones?


The truth is, most websites aren’t compatible for mobile screens. Imagine the experience from a potential customers point of view. They’re searching for nearby places to eat and perhaps your business appears on their google search. They click on your website and suddenly the navigation menu becomes small and fiddly. They have to pinch and zoom to make the images fit. The flash animation doesn’t work and it’s taking forever for your content to load. It can take seconds for a potential customer to lose interest in your business if they can’t find the info they need quickly.

With the UK takeaway industry worth almost £30 Billion annually, getting your online takeaway system wrong could be a costly mistake. Putting your trust in Zivoapp will boost your business giving you a much larger slice of the pie.


Now imagine this scenario again but with the availability of a mobile app download. After searching for nearby restaurants they find your restaurant which takes them to your website. Recognizing that the website is being viewed on a mobile device, and a message appears, “Download our app and receive 20% off your first order”. The incentive to download the app now seems worth while. The website redirects them to download your free app and moments later your fully branded app is now installed on their smartphone. They have all your services at hand, a quick call button, instant directions via google maps, easy to read menus, in-app food ordering and customer loyalty schemes.

Not only have they had a better customer experience, but now they have your business app on their phone. Use this as an opportunity to reward their customer loyalty by sending regular offers and discounts via push notification.


50 percent of consumers surveyed have downloaded a restaurant-branded app on their mobile device. Having a menu at your customers fingertips makes it easier for them to browse items and order more food. They can also customise orders, request extras without having to place a phone call and talk over the background noise of a busy restaurant or bad phone line. Fewer errors are made from mistaken order taking and less time needs to be spent answering phone calls. How many times have you missed a phone call because you’ve been too busy taking orders at the counter?

Online takeaway ordering solutions are a benefit to both your customers and your business.